Why Pre-plan?

While everyone who makes the decision to pre-plan has their own reasons for doing so, we are often told that the greatest motivator is the desire is to protect their family by ensuring that they won't face the difficult task of making arrangements at a time of loss.

We advocate pre-planning because our experience has shown us that not only is planning ahead virtually stress-free but people have the time and the information they need to make carefully considered, pressure-free decisions, that are the right choices for them and their families.

"Is this what she would have wanted?" is an all too common question when families plan at time of need. Making your wishes clear, ahead of time, may prove to be a very real gift to your loved ones.

For many people funeral pre-planning has also become an extension of the estate planning process. It is simply one more thing they choose to take care of as they plan for retirement and the next stage in their lives.

There are, of course, financial considerations as well. Choosing to prefund funeral arrangements is another way in which people act to protect their families and pre-paying can mean locking in the cost of the arrangements at current prices.

Whatever their reasons most people who pre-plan seem to be glad they did.