Our Story

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors.

​Sherwood's Funeral Home had its beginning in 1914 as "Sherwood & Gillies".  The business was founded by Herb Sherwood of Midland and Clerance Gillies of Belleisle Creek.  Soon after, Clerance enlisted in the army and turned his share over to his father, Arthur Gillies.

Cy Sherwood, Herb's son and Arthur's grandson, was the first to learn the art of embalming.  He obtained his license in 1937 following three years of apprentice with Brenan's in Saint John.

Bill Sherwood, Cy's son, joined the family business following graduation from he university of Toronto in 1964. He obtained his license in 1967.

In 1992 a major addition was made to the Funeral Home.  Three visitation rooms were created .  A chapel  with seating capacity for over 100 people for service, was provided .  A reception area was also created for families to received friends . A casket display room with 17 caskets, covering a broad price range, was also provided.  A smoking room and a small kitchen  was also created.

In 2008, Dyson Regular and his wife Melissa joined the family business. Dyson Regular, a native of Woodstock, Newfoundland & Labrador, has more than 20 years’ experience  in funeral service, as a preplanning counsellor, a licensed funeral director, and a funeral home owner manager. A Kings County resident for most of his career, Dyson has worked throughout the region in  Sussex, Norton and Hampton. 

Melissa (Kennedy) Regular grew up in Kars, NB, graduating from Belleisle Regional High  School in 1998. A busy Mom who most enjoys time spent with her three boys, Parker, Bailey and Jerome. She works full time as an administrator.